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Polygraph Process and Procedures

A polygraph exam in real life differs from those you have probably seen on television, where numerous questions are asked and several topics are covered. This type of exam is simply just for Hollywood and has no basis in the scientific community. For a polygraph examination to be considered valid and accurate, it requires that validated/standardized testing procedures be used by the examiner.

We conduct polygraph exams that are documented by research and supported by scientific studies. A properly administered polygraph examination by a fully trained and qualified examiner and using a validated testing technique has a high degree of accuracy.

Polygraph examinations take between 1 ½ to 3 hours to conduct and should be administered by a qualified examiner. A qualified examiner should have graduated from a school accredited by the American Polygraph Association. A typical polygraph procedure has three phases:

  1. Pre-test interview.
    The examiner explains how the polygraph works, determines the examinee’s suitability for testing, discusses issue(s) to be tested, and develops and reviews all questions to be asked during exam. This phase is generally the longest and can take up to two hours.
  2. Actual polygraph test.
    During this phase the examinee will be attached to the polygraph components and questions that were previously reviewed will be asked of them during 3-4 tests.
  3. Post-test interview.
    The examiner collects and analyses the produced charts, giving the examinee an opportunity to amend answers given during the pretest. The examiner then renders a decision based solely on the generated charts as to the examinee’s truthfulness or deception.